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A little about Overget

About Overget

Overget was wrote and designed to be an alternative to popular sites like Mininova.
We index torrents from trackers all across the web into this one little convienent website!
Users are even allowed to manually update stats before they even download the desired torrent!

Why should I register?

When you register with us, you will unlock some of these features:

What kind of privacy do I have?

Overget does not log or directly record any end-user actions.
However, we do record IPs in some cases such as torrent uploads, to ensure that nobody is breaking the upload policy.
If we suspect that anyone does break the upload policy, we will promptly delete the torrent and ban the IP from the entire site.
All logs are reviewed by the site admin (Overget.org) only, and will never be distributed to outside sources for any reason.

Can I link to you?


<a href="http://www.overget.org"><img src="http://www.overget.org/templates/images/akn.gif" /></a>

Whats the cache?

A cache is a temporary document, or temporary anything for that matter.
An example is the index page, we cache this for 1000 seconds to ease the load on the server.
Not only does it ease the load, it helps serve the pages quicker (the index is usually about 120kb)!


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